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Make Your Moments Heard

The best things you hear throughout the day come and go in an instant. Kapture makes it easy to save any 60-second snippet of audio after-the-fact, without taking you out of the moment.

Buy Now $99 $129

How it Works


Kapture continuously records audio in a 60-second loop


Tap twice to send the previous minute of audio to your smartphone


Edit & publish audio 'klips' with the Kapture app

“I'm a musician and am always looking for samples in daily life, whether it's a quote or a sound effect or just a random idea on the fly.” - Mike

“I always make sure to bring my Kapture along when I hang out with my son, Kevin. He says the most unexpected, incredible things. I love to share them with the family, and I can't wait to play the clips back for him when he's an adult.” - Jodi

“During my business meetings, I just tap to save the key points of the conversation and quickly review them on my phone later. Because I'm only getting the key snippets, I don't have to wade through hours of recordings to find the important stuff.” – Sean

“I have a friend who has such a quick wit. I never know what she's gonna say next, so Kapture would help me replay some of the awesome moments we have together.” – Tom

“I have some of my best ideas when I'm out running, but it was always a hassle to remember them. I'd either have to stop and type out a note on my phone or risk losing the idea. Now with Kapture, I can just speak my ideas as they come to me and not break the flow.” – Jessica

Under the Hood

Kapture was designed - from the inside out - to provide a unique benefit that you just can't get with any other type of technology.

Everything you need to turn a minute into a moment

60-sec audio buffer

Always on, waiting for you to tap when awesome happens

Omni-directional Mic

Picks up sound within a 5-foot radius, so you don't have to talk directly into it

Bluetooth Connectivity

Tap the device to send a 60-second audio klip to your phone, automatically and wirelessly

All-Day Battery

Lasts around 15 hours, depending on usage

Vibration and LED Notifications

Lets you know that it's on, when an audio klip was saved, and if the battery is getting low

iOS and Android Compatible

An app that lets you create and share your unique moment

Mix and Match

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Edit, save, and share with
the free Kapture app.

Edit, save, and share with
the free Kapture app.