1. Why a wearable device?

There are a lot of ways to 'capture a moment' - from writing down what you heard to using a voice recorder app on your smartphone. But there are limitations. We created Kapture so that you can hold on to some of those fleeting moments. Once you tap your wrist to save the previous minute of audio, use the Kapture app to create something unique for yourself or to share with friends.

2. Is this an invasion of someone's privacy?

Privacy is a hot topic for any wearable technology product, and here's our take. We purposefully designed Kapture so that it's noticeable. It comes in bright colors, is activated with a tap, and has an LED light so you'll always know if it's on or off. Also, the duration of each saved audio klip is a consistent 60 seconds. It's very important for us to never remove the human element - nothing is saved or uploaded unless a user decides a moment is worth saving and taps their wrist. You should always let others around you know what's going on - more often than not, they'll take it as a compliment that what you heard them say was worth saving.

3. Why 60 seconds?

We feel this is the right duration for capturing the most important part of what you just heard without giving you too much audio to edit and share. That said, you can use our smartphone app to record longer segments. 

4. How do I get a saved recording to my smartphone?

After you tap to save, the previous minute is transferred automatically and wirelessly via Bluetooth.

5. Is the Kapture app compatible with my smartphone? 

Initial development will be completed on iOS and Android. 

6. How do I know if my audio klip was saved?

Once you save an audio klip with two taps of the device, it will vibrate when the file is successfully transferred to your smartphone. The short buzz is used to let you know everything went according to plan.

7. Can I save an audio klip if I don't have my smartphone handy?

The Kapture wristband allows for about 25 audio klips to be saved locally. Once your phone is back in range, all of the klips will download to the app via the Bluetooth connection.

8. Is Kapture waterproof? Water-resistant?

The Kapture device is water-resistant. A user can leave it on to wash their hands, but the product should not be submerged and should not be worn in the shower, swimming, or any time with prolonged exposure to water.

9. Can I purchase accessories?

Yes, if you'd like a wristband or klip-on accessory, just visit: http://kaptureaudio.com/collections/accessories.